Rugby caught Offsides

Like a slap in the face with a cold wet fish, new rugby show Offsides – featuring a pissed High Bladen and a horizontally challenged Naas Botha – is EXACTLY what we need in SA.

We live in sensitive times. Times when people are easily offended. Hence our slide to that awful place I call “PC-Ville”, a place that is so politically correct it knows only the colour beige. A place so bland that clichés are regarded as big news.

Offsides, refreshingly, is anything but PC! And it’s bloody funny!


A show that quite clearly takes the piss out of anything SuperSport related, Offsides sees the super talented Simon Hill as the red faced, whisky in hand Hugh Bladen, and Barry Storm as an inflated Naas Botha accused of eating Oli Kebble by “Bladesey” in episode 1.

“Disappointing is not getting a blow job on your birthday”, says Naas, “But what we are seeing from the Boks is a complete shambles.”

“Stevie Wonder in the dark has a better sense of direction than the current Bok side, Bladesey”.

Like Toks van der Linde foraging for that last Lindt chocolate ball at the buffet, these two will stop at nothing to uncover the “Real” rugby stories each week.

There are regular crossings to Joel Stransky for his “Gey of the day”, P Divvy for some in-depth ”I told you so” rugby analysis, and even the odd visit from Nick Mallett, who tends to talk with a peach pip in his mouth!


It aint for sensitive viewers, or those sans a sense of humour, but for the rest of us, it’s simply essential weekly viewing!

Below the first 4 episodes from series 1:

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1