SABC loss is eTV gain

So last week the SABC said they will only be paying for TV rights to live sports events, and not spending a cent on anything that forced them to broadcast it delayed. This in response to the fiasco that saw them fail to broadcast the first Springbok test against the English.

Here’s a little fact SABC – If you want the rights to live broadcasts, perhaps you should be in the queue, with a pretty sizy check-book in hand, when those go on sale, and not negotiating with the media house that has already broken the bank buying those rights!

Enter stage right, eTV, who were quick to step into the gap left by the SABC, buying the rights to stage a delayed broadcast of the second test against the English last Saturday.

So was it worth it for the free to air station?

A look at the total TV numbers for the 1st and 2nd Tests:

The eTV average audience was  1,231,029 people! Meaning that the delayed TV coverage on eTV accounted for 52% of the total audience.  But, there is more …TV coverage on eTV also ensured higher audience reach among viewers in the LSM 4-6 segments, many of whom do not have access to DStv.  And perhaps more importantly … Research shows that 37.9% of all respondents that are interested in Rugby are in this key LSM 4-6 group.

Was it worth it? That would depend on what they paid for the rights and how much advertising they brought in during the broadcast. But in a nutshell – Hell Yeah!!

And based on those LSM numbers, it’s obvious that eTV are speaking to a different audience, so they have the opportunity to sell advertising to those outside the usual suspects seen on SuperSport …

And the opportunity to add their own commentary, their own build up and analysis, and perhaps the odd midweek magazine show that could differ hugely from SuperSport’s fairly formulaic content. Here’s hoping they take this opportunity and do something special … It would be great to see a little competition in this rugby space …

Source:  Courtesy of sport marketing giants RepucomSA, using numbers from DSTVi and TAMS (February-June 2012, Analog/ Digital). Fololow them on Twitter – @repucominsights


  1. This will be fantastic! e-TV deserves to broadcast rugby. Hopefully SARU/Supersport will give them some Currie Cup/1st Division games to broadcast live. It will even boost numbers if they could broadcast SupeRugby and CC/1st Div playoff games. It will benefit the game. A weekly magazine show will be just as good with some different opinions from different presenters and guests. I also agree on the “the opportunity to add their own commentary, their own build up and analysis”. Maybe you can do some “guiding” as you do visit e-TV quite a bit. Great post and come on e-TV!

  2. SABC’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Surely as a public broadcaster you are obligated to broadcast games that are in the nations interest??? I think this is a massive opportunity for e-TV to take full advantage. The powers that be need to grab this now. I don’t have DSTV and usually end up in the pub watching. What a bonus if I could stay at home, have a few frosties and watch the game. It’s cheaper and safer- even if it is a delayed game.

  3. Glad ETV have taken the Bull, or rather Bok, by the horns – (or is that “BullBok”).

    Tank, maybe we can see you anchoring for them on this one … or would you prefer the commentary box?

    SABC are so far off the mark it’s scary! They should pay a visit to the BBC and learn a thing or two!

  4. Tanky, you should put a proposal to ETV and get your commentating career back on line!!

    1. You are speaking my language Ruby, but loving my involvement with Ballz at the moment … Alternate commentary will become more and more mainstream I think …

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