Super Rugby TV numbers …

A little Television Audience Analysis of the 2012 Super Rugby season to the end of round 13, so excluding last weekend’s action, courtesy of RepucomSA …

A top level view comparing 2011 and 2012:

A look at the TV audience per team:And a look at the most watched games thus far …

And Super Rugby in comparison to other sporting events on SuperSport:

In a Nutshell …

  • 87 Primary Live Broadcasts on SuperSport to date
  • Cumulative Average Audience of Primary Broadcasts = 29,542,440  an increase of 15.2% YoY.
  • SA Home games are the key audience drivers with the Stormers v Bulls game reaching the highest Average Audience viewership to date.
  • 203 Repeat broadcasts across all SuperSport Channels.
  • Cumulative Audience across all repeats = 2,148,326 viewers (an average of 10,582 viewers per game)
  • 328 highlights broadcasts
  • Cumulative Audience across all highlights  broadcasts = 8,801,051 viewers (an average audience of 26,832 viewers per broadcast)
  • Cumulative Audience across all Television coverage = 40,491,817 viewers.

 Data Source: DSTVi 2011/2012 (Target – All 4+, excl guests)

And a look at the demographics of the viewers:

All of the above data courtesy of RepucomSA, your go to guys when looking to establish an ROI on a sport sponsorship …

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  1. So is there a way to compare this to, say, what happens in Australia? I’m curious how much they (both Aus and NZ) contribute to the SANZAR money pile as far as broadcasting rights/numbers/etc is concerned

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