New TV record for Shark vs Storm

Round 14 of Super Rugby was a MONSTER …

Viewership per round:

Most watched games this year:

Most watched teams this year:

And compared to last year …

All numbers courtesy of RepucomSA


    1. I don’t have numbers to corroberate, but my feeling is that stadium numbers are down, while TV numbers are up …. It is, after all, a made for TV product these days …

    1. Presume you mean 27 000 … But yes, still very low. Been a bit of a trend at the Shark Tank recently … Only Newlands and sometimes Loftus that sell out

      1. Sorry, yes I meant 27000.

        Newlands/Loftus always a sellout when these two come together.

        I heard on Saturday that the Loftus match was already sold out on Wednesday.

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