Stop Tweeting and start betting!

With BetFlash having launched “In-Play” betting, it might be time to ditch the Tweeting during the game, instead placing a few bets that might impress your bank manager rather than your followers!

So you have been posting to Facebook and Twitter during the game for a while now – often at the risk of incurring the wrath of the people actually sitting next to you on the couch or bar stool – just so you can impress those loyal followers with your pearls of wisdom.

Well, why not take advantage of that much talked about “Second Screen” to impress not only your followers, but also your bookie? Or stand a chance to win enough cash to upgrade your current second screen to the latest tablet or smart phone that you have had your eye on for a while now?

BetFlash’s new In-Play offering allows you to do just that!

For those new to having a dabble on the team you think will do the business on the weekend, ‘’In-Play’’ means betting while the game is taking place! Betting on ‘’Who is going to score the next goal’’, or “Which team is going to win the second half”, or hedging your pre-game bet based on a half time score that suggests the bookies do know what they are talking about! It’s exciting, edgy, and puts you right in the game!

Watching the game will never be the same again.

BetFlash has launched it’s In-Play betting within the first year of going to market, and according to General Manager, Samantha McMurtrie, ‘’We are very proud to offer our In-Play product on mobile, tablet and PC, and believe it to be superior to any other In-Play product currently in the SA market. We have focused on a clean, easy to use screen layout, as well as keeping the markets open for longer”.

So it’s boys’ night out for the big game, and after a few cold ones, the opinions easily rival a bunch of ladies discussing the pros and cons of deep tissue massage! One of the guys happens to know the coach, and drops in the fact that two of the players are carrying injuries. Damn, but you already made your bet! Not to worry … In-Play betting allows you to maybe make a little cash based on your sneaky inside info!

Or the banter gets heated and you all decide to put your money where your mouth is! No longer the crumpled R50 note into the ribs basket, though. Just whip out your mobile, go to and get ready to pledge your support for your team – Live In-Play!

BetFlash use Betradar, an accredited international supplier for the automated data feed that powers their In-Play betting. Statistical data and results are fed into the system in real time, yet still get overseen by BetFlash’s own local bookmakers.

“As a trusted provider to over 400 clients globally, Betradar is pleased to include BetFlash as our latest South African client to launch the Betradar Live Odds product. Betradar uses a global network of over 2000 highly-trained and quality-controlled scouts to offer extremely fast, accurate and highly-secure in-running data, covering up to 12 000 matches per month, across 14 sports and over 100 popular bet-types. BetFlash thus now stands to benefit from the live betting mega-trend we have seen in Europe, one which has now certainly begun to gather momentum in the South African market,” said Betradar Director of sales in Africa, Greg Parsons,

BetFlash currently offer In-Play betting on rugby, soccer and tennis, with many more sports to come in the near future. “We have a very customer-orientated interface that allows customers to request coverage of specific live games. We also have a great variety of bet types which have shown to satisfy many players’ appetites for In-Play betting” says McMurtrie.

According to BetFlash customer, J. Minnie, “The In-Play option is really a fun and exciting way of betting, it keeps you interested in the game from start to finish. The In-Play zone offers as much if not more options on betting on that particular game, betting on any options available is straight forward and easy to do. I haven’t had any problems with betting in the In-Play zone, the option gives you a chance to bet on a true reflection of the game without speculating.’’

Click here to visit BetFlash In-Play on Mobi/Tablet

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