People do watch Vodacom Cup!

Contrary to the cavernous stadia that seem to greet every Vodacom Cup game, it seems to be fairly well received on television, easily out performing both the Varsity and Community Cups.

Using data up to the end of March, thus EXCLUDING both the Varsity Cup final and Community Cup Easter Weekend, which included Monday’s final, below represents data captured by Repucom showcasing their analysis of the live TV coverage of rugby in South Africa in 2014.

Below the combined average audience of the four tournaments, which is the Average across the total audience per game of the live TV coverage on SuperSport standard and HD channels:

TV 1

Below the top games by total audience across the SuperSport standard, HD and Select channels:

TV 2 - top games

Below the total unique audience by competition, using Live TV coverage across the SuperSport standard, HD and Select channels in 2014 only:

TV 3 - total per comp

Given that both club rugby competition finals are excluded, both their average and total viewership will increase, but it is probably fair to compare the two using these numbers. One would also then expect the Vodacom Cup number to increase once that tournament final is included.

So while Varsity Cup get all the good press, it seems it is the Vodacom Cup that is generating the TV eyeballs!

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  1. I think the community cup figures isnt to bad considering its year 2 of it being promoted by SARU. also i believe it wouldve been higher if it was on Supersport 1 and not 8 over easter. its not always possible i know. but how awsome was it to watch!

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