Goosen heel still injured?

Springbok and Cheetahs flyhalf Johan Goosen is said to have recovered from his knee injury, but his strange heel injury remains a concern

Sport24 reports that Goosen’s left heel is still giving him trouble when kicking for posts. This is an injury that was picked up toward the end of last year when the young flyhalf was playing for the Boks. Obviously the knee has been the big focus, but it seems silly to have let this injury go unchecked and untreated.

He will go for a scan in Johannesburg on Tuesday with the Cheetahs hoping to know more soon after.

The Cheetahs’ backline coach, Hawies Fourie, told Sport24 that the possibility exists that a bone fragment in Goosen’s heel split off which would then need to be removed. However, should that be the case, Goosen will only be out for an additional week and should be ready to start their Super Rugby campaign.

With the time penalty being only one week, perhaps this will not be a big issue, but the question has to be asked as to why the scan was not done while treating the knee?

One person who would not mind a little more time with Goosen in the background is Elgar Watts, who picked a fine time to show off his myriad of skills – against the Stormers, the franchise who shunned his said skills while he was plying his trade in the Boland.


  1. This guy is massively talented, but I have a feeling in my bones that he might be struggling to much with injuries…let’s hope I am wrong. But he never seems to be niggle-free.

  2. I still think the big issue with Goosen will be in the long term, as he is a physical player (a bit like Lambie) and the chances of a recurring shoulder injury is always possible. Having said that, when Goosen and Lambie are both fit and available, the Boks will be spoilt for choice.
    I still want to see Ludik get a crack at fullback in place of Kirschner as I believe his attacking potential and flair is much better than Kirschner’s.

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