A reason to watch an Aus derby!

The “Ref Cam” may have been tested some time ago by Jonathan Kaplan and Mark Lawrence, but it is Australia’s Fox Sports who bring it to Super Rugby first.

“Ref Cam” will be unveiled in the Reds vs Waratahs match on Saturday, and will provide reason for South Africans to perhaps tune in to what are traditionally dour Aussie derbies.

Following on from a KFC T20 Big Bash League season that featured FoxKopter, Helmet Cam and Zing Bails, Fox Sports will unveil “Ref Cam” as its latest piece of broadcast innovation.

Trialled in the Super Rugby pre-season, referee Chris Pollock has been given the okay to don the specifically-engineered camera – which transmits live vision via an earpiece camera – in Saturday morning’s match.

“Rugby fans will be blown away by some of the angles this camera can produce,” Head of Fox Sports Channels Gary Burns said.

“The sound that it captures is great too. Through this camera you get a real appreciation for how tough it is out there, believe me.”

SANZAR will review the ref cam coverage after the match.

SANZAR CEO, Greg Peters, said: “We are very supportive of the trial of this new technology in the Reds v Waratahs match this weekend.

A picture taken on “Ref-cam” at a pre-season match:

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  1. With SOUND? Ok… hope none of the players use any spicy language…. how long is the ban again? What a joke.

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