Jake has a go at Meyer

Former Bok coach Jake White spoke at a fundraiser at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park yesterday, and Die Burger have published the following quotes from the function in their newspaper today – as translated from the original piece on their website.


“Heyneke’s coaching style is not a style that will help the Boks to win”

“If you can’t score at least four tries against Argentina, then there is a big problem.”

“Heyneke was always going to get criticism because of his background with the Bulls. He was chosen because of the success he achieved as Bulls coach and it will naturally play a role in the way he coaches the Boks”

“If, for example, he has to choose between Gio Aplon and Zane Kirchner, he will choose Kirchner every time.”

“The current Bok management team is the most inexperienced in world rugby. There is no ways those guys will stand up to Meyer. At this stage they are just happy to be there and trying not to make too many mistakes. I don’t think there is anyone there who would question his way of doing things”

“Meyer thinks he will achieve success by playing big, strong redundant rugby, but only time will tell”

“You get two type of Bok coaches: those that have been fired, and those that are yet to be fired”


  1. Hi Jake what about u dint the boks win big games when the bulls were on top of there game u had players that Meyer made that won u the world cup so what are u talking about.
    The first year u were coach u only won 69% of the games
    and your 3de year 42% so what was that.U won only 25% against France that was also an weaker team.So LETS GIVE HIM 5 YEARS AND THEN TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN

  2. At last.

    Two Bok coaches with great credentials tell it like it is.

    The public in PE expressed the same displeasure and if last weekend’s game was at Loftus, I have no doubt the darlings of the Bulls would have faced the same damnation.

    It isn’t acceptable to persevere with an obsolete game plan and players out of form.
    The same public that chanted Morne, Morne, Morne are now calling (rightfully) for his head.

    If the U19 coaching staff and players realised how doff the box kick was after the Ireland and adapted to win the tournament, why the hell can’t senior staff and players adopt the same approach.

    You have a flyhalf that stands so deep in the pocket, that it is impossible to get his backs over the advantage line.
    I’m not even going to go into how awful his stats are, how often he avoids contact or how bad his channel is.

    The box kick and chase for mistakes and give all possession away is FINISHED.
    The day we accept this, is the first step to recovery.

    We also need the rugby media to be responsible and print with intelligence and not personal agenda.

    I’ve gone on about my pet hate being scoop v truth.
    The positive spin deals with Meyer need to be called off and the truth be told.
    Nick showed his frustration, Jake did, the PE crowd did.

    The plan sucks. We want to see real Springbok rugby

  3. Why don’t Heyneke let Lambi play at Flyhalf for one or two games and put Morne at Fullback and see what happens. You will see the difference.

    Heyneke is the best we have in our country but why don’t Jake and Nic give Heyneke some assisstance and stop the bad talk, remember you guys were a coach when the old rules applied.

    Springbok panel must ask Plum to help with forward coaching because most of the players belong to the Sharks, if there was more Stormers players in the teams forwards then you use their forward pack coach of the Stormers. Same with the backline players.

  4. It’s always easy to criticize a coach when results and stats don’t add up in your favor. @Celliers is correct when he writes a few of the stats during Jake White’s reign. Don’t we all agree that a coach’s priority is to win matches ? Even with the “best” team one can still lose some matches, that’s what sport is all about, isn’t it ? Why not get behind Meyer and support what he’s doing ? Go Bokke !!!!!

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