Vodacom Cup on the up!

A little look at the Television Audience Analysis of the 2012 Vodacom Cup certainly had me reaching for the sniffing salts lest I actually kap om!

Not a massive fan of the tournament and wanting Vodacom to rather spend their money on a strong national club league, these numbers have got me thinking …

Perhaps with Super Rugby suffering because of the horrific new format that just puts too much rugby in front of us, and depriving us of what has always been close to our hearts, the Currie Cup, the Vodacom Cup, no matter how diluted it is, is commanding a little more attention?

A look at the numbers, then:

Period of analysis: 9 March – 30 April 2012 (including repeat coverage)
No. Games: 14 games on SuperSport (out of 49 games played), 63 repeat broadcasts
Data Source: DSTVi 2011/2012 (Target – All 4+) – With massive thanks to Repucom SA

Vodacom Cup Tv numbers 1The Vodacom Cup in comparion with other events on TV:

Vodacom Cup Tv numbers 2A look on the Year on Year growth per region:Vodacom Cup Tv numbers 3And looking at it as a pie chart breaking up the viewership per region:

And a look at the viewership per game:

In summary:

  • Highest increase among viewers is in the E Cape, up 215% YoY
  • Viewership among KZN audience increased by 142% YoY
  • Cumulative audience across Live coverage = 2,4m viewers, an increase of 81.2% YoY.
  • Cumulative Audience across all Repeats = 704,053 viewers (an average of 13 119 viewers per game)
  • Cumulative Audience across all Television coverage = 3,1m viewers.

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