S15 Round 2 – TV numbers down

The Overall average TV viewership numbers for Round 2 of the Super15 are slightly down on Round 1 … Due largely due to the lower Friday morning viewership of the Kiwi and Aussie games say RepucomSA, who provided the figures ..

The key audience driver for the weekend was the Stormers v Sharks game played on Saturday at 7pm, delivering a new high average audience for the current season.

What is clear is that Friday 19h00 is not as good a TV broadcast time as Saturday afternoon and evening, which is consistent with last year’s numbers

Live coverage of the 3rd ODI between the Proteas and New Zealand influenced viewership during the Highlanders v Crusaders game, with 10% of the audience also watching the ODI.

Surprisingly, the 10h30 Aussie match on Saturdays is proving to be a good solid fixture for broadcast audience delivery …

Interesting to see that both Stormers games top the log of the most watched games thus far, withn their game against the Sharks being the current top dog. But to see their game against the Canes come out well above the Sharks vs Bulls derby must have the “Derbies are best” freaks scratching their heads!

Rd 1 vs Rd 2
Stormers the top dogs thus far

NB – Please note that Repucom are using DSTVi data and not TAMS. These are Multichoice’s numbers and will be distributed by SANZAR.


  1. Would love to see how this compares to previous years. There’s a definite feeling amongst people I know that they’re sick of Super Rugby – too many derbies and too many matches. Friends (myself included) who in the past never missed a single match during the competition now don’t actually care to watch anymore.

    1. Spot on Hennie … Exactly the same with my mates … Killing the golden goose and all that … Will get some numbers comparing with last year soon

  2. Interesting information there.

    However the issue regarding the Derby issue is answered in your text in that there are less persons watching rugby (or TV as a whole) on a Friday evening. So to compare the Saturday Stomers vs Hurricanes game at optimal viewing time with Friday nights Bulls vs Sharks game is not a good comparison.

    It is better to compare the Sharks / Bulls game vs the Lions / Hurricanes game. ie 12% market share vs 7.6%. Factor in that it is the Lions playing so possibly less interest anyway but there is still a disparity between the Derby vs International fixture.

    1. Yep good point David … And a little early to spot real trends … But the Cape are known to be top supporters, made better with the odd win.

  3. Interesting Tank.

    1) David Rich makes a good point about comparing like for like audiences (e.g. Friday vs Saturday)

    2) Does this accurately reflect total NZ audience numbers? If yes they contribute little to the overall pie and thus gain proportionally higher revenues than the rest.

    3) Suppose it could be a reflection on population sizes of the countries as well. Would it be possible to see country-specific audience figures as a proportion of population size as one measure of rugby’s popularity in a country?

    1. Kiboko – these are only SA numbers from DStv. So in NZ and Aus, the numbers would look very different. I will get my hands on those comparisons, but suffice to sa that the SA TV numbers are much higher than both …

      1. Tank, does SA’s dominant television audence not bolster the argument for including the Spears as a 6th franchise? If managed and marketed well, consider the enormous EC and black rugby following that could be enticed into ‘S16’ rugby etc….

        1. Matt, I think it bolsters the argument for SA to be a lot tougher at the negotiating table – when it counts. But not now, half way through a Super Rugby cycle after contracts have been drawn up. Kings will not do worse than Lions or Cheetahs, and a change is as good as a holiday, so I would be happy to see them play, but at the expense of another side, not as a 6th side. SARU must man up and make a call!

  4. Be interesting to see the Aus and Kiwi viewing numbers. I often wonder if we (SA) take more interest in their derbies or if they reciprocate any more (or less) when watching ours?

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