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Got your attention? …. It’s a mere three sleeps until the Castle Cape Town Tens – the event that marks the real start to the South African rugby season …

Sometime back in 2008 when Bob Skinstad, Ron Rutland, Rob Fleck and Don Everitt sat down in a seedy Bangkok pub and first discussed the concept of a Cape Town Tens Rugby tournament (i.e. got hammered, spoke kak, and a socially minded rugby tournament was briefly mentioned), I don’t think they never actually seriously gave much thought to the intricacies and annoying practicalities thereof. Fortunately, this particular beer fuelled dream didn’t die with the hangovers, and 4 years later these four guys (and a good few others who have either clipped on or made a difference) are extremely privileged to be hosting the 4th annual staging of what they (and I) believe is a pretty special event on the Cape Town social and sporting calendar.

The tournament starts on Friday at Hamiltons Rugby Club, and 2012 sees the number of teams increased from 56 to 78, divided into four divisions – a heavy and light Beer League (social), The Vets League (over 35’s) and the more competitive Premier League.

In putting together the tournament magazine / programme, I spoke to a few of the guys who have been involved in the tournament from the get go, and asked them what their magic Tens moments were …

Don Everitt – Owner of Kreate, and Co-Founder of the CT Tens
What stands out for me is how the event has become a great platform for both ex and current players to re-ignite that special rugby camaraderie. Old mates get to catch up, youngsters get to interact with the salty sea dogs, both on and off the field, and just really enjoy themselves in a fantastic environment that showcases the true spirit of the game. The excuses to wives regarding injuries that were incurred in the bar rather than on the field are also hilarious!

Dan Nicholl – The “Voice” of the Cape Town Tens
Where to start? Kees Meeuws targeting 200 beers for the weekend, and almost getting there. Dale Santon still finishing a boerewors roll as a game kicked off (not his first of the day). Robbie Kempson getting through an entire half without throwing a punch. Tim Horan turning to put the outside man into space, only to find the outside man was Robbie Fleck, 30 yards behind play and in need of oxygen after a modest run down the wing moments earlier. The John Deeres from Ceres fielding an entire team of relatives on the way to victory. Jeremy Paul arriving at the game straight from Mavericks, and claiming he thought it was a Russian restaurant. Above all, quite simply the greatest weekend of the year!

Ron Rutland – Co-Founder of the CT Tens, and man in charge of the actual rugby
Kees Meeuws … The image of him trudging back and forth between beer tent and pitch side with case after case of Castle under his arm is something I will long treasure. One minute he’s downing beer after beer with any number of teams whose fine’s meetings he had been dragged into (quite willinging it must be said), and next he’s chucking a ball around with a 6 year old fan and signing his t-shirt … A legend.

Watching the Numzans naked duck diving along 12 lined up Castle Tables, and generally watching the mass of people (including Cape Town’s finest) having the time of their lives.

Catch the programme at the event to get the moments that have meant to most to hosts Rob Fleck and Bob Skinstad …

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