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There has been much talk about the hosting of the Heineken Cup match between Saracens and Biarritz set to take place in Cape Town in January next year …

Announced to be taking place at the Cape Town stadium, the WPRFU decided during the week, using the South African Rugby Union Constitution ruling that a final decision regarding the match venue lies in the hands of the host union, that Newlands would stage the historic match.

Well the bloggers and tweeters went mental … So lets get some clarity via a poll …

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  1. Cape Town Stadium. I can to some degree understand why province is still reluctant to move, but as far as this game and tests go, its a no-brainer to me.

  2. have these monkeys @ WPRFU any idea how uncomfortable it is to watch at Newlands Stadium? i dont think that any of them have ever sat on the tryline (up in the stands) and tried to watch a game. if play is on the opposite side to you, all you can see is your neighbours head. Some seats in the railway stand, if anyone kicks an up and under, the ball is lost for a second or two.
    Get a life WPRFU

  3. WPRFU don’t explain their decision making process at all, other than to say they act “in the best interest of the WPRFU”. I understand all the reasons given in favor of Newlands. They are mostly however clearly very emotional reasons. No doubt that their are commercial hurdles that one would need to negotiate successfully, but the fact of the matter is that Newlands stadium is fast becoming a dinosaur; especially when it is compared with a stadium like CT Stadium. The problem for WPRFU is that fans are no longer blind to that fact, and they will be put under more and more pressure to make the inevitable move. So instead of being spiteful with the City of CT, the bosses should have thought about the long-term consequences of this. Should WPRFU get in a position where they battle to fill Newlands (and/or some “inspections” on Newlands find it unsafe or the parking/traffic situation unacceptable) they could very soon find them in a position where their bargaining power is greatly reduced! Pick your fights, WPRFU! And know when you are better off crossing your Rubicon before being pushed/forced to do so, when circumstances might well be far less favorable.

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