Boks depart World Cup

And that is that for the Boks at RWC 2011 … Aus win 11-9 at the Cake Tin in Wellington after James O’Connor held his nerve to slot a 75 minute penalty …

It is an amazing win given the territorial and possession dominance from the Boks. David Pocock was immense at the break down and some might say that referee Bryce Lawrence allowed him far too much leeway. But perhaps the Boks were a little guilty of not adapting …

The Boks lost Heinrich Brussow early and that would have played it’s part, but Francois Louw certainly did not let the side down, despite the lack of game time before today’s game …

The Aussies showed massive guts and bmt to make use of the opportunities that came there way …

Time for a beer and the All Black game at a local pub in Courtney Place …

Seen in the local papers today:






Press box dinner, view from the press box, and giving away tickets to excited Canadians …


  1. Tank

    One thing that p!sses me off no end, is when people say players should have “adapted better to the referee”. HORSE SH!T!!

    the players need to adapt to the laws- the referee is there to ensure that the game is played within the law! Should P Divvy have gon into the halftime changing room and said to the troops: listen boys, Bryce is not blowing for any infringement at the breakdown so go wild?

    Lets cut to the chase and stop being so damn diplomatic: Bryce was shocking, a disgrace for rugby. No daylight, players of their feet playing the ball, not coming through the gate, not rolling away.

    How can a side make 157 tackles and only concede 6 penalties? You tell me.
    The ref killed any forward momentum the Boks were able to generate- Pocock should have been yellow carded for professional fouls in the red zone in the First half already!
    It has been proven over and over again- the referee is the single biggest factor in any match. Boks played well enough to win, ref allowed Aus to stay in the game. Simple as that


  2. Right before you delete @pietskiet’s reply let me say that he is right. A referee should referee the game. Players should learn new rules with every game and every ref they play. Rugby is suppose to be rugby!

    People who say “players should have adapted to ref” is stupid, does tennis, cricket, soccer etc’s rules change every game and with every new ref?

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