Booze ban to welcome CEO Smit

New Sharks CEO John Smit might face the wrath of a few grumpy fans given that they will no longer be allowed to drink alcohol on the Kings Park outer fields.

Police have moved to enforce existing legislation banning drinking in public spaces, reports The Mercury newspaper today. This of course, following the murder of Brett Williams, who was beaten to death by a group of fans after the Sharks-Rebels match, and a further attack a week earlier.

Those caught drinking on the outer fields will face arrest, while police will also be looking out for anyone selling, or in possession of, alcohol in areas of the stadium precinct not licensed for this.

Wayne Scott, the chairman of Berea Rovers, said the club would be giving every patron driving on to its fields a letter explaining that if they chose to drink at their vehicles they would be doing so at their own risk.

‘Obviously this is going to affect clubs like ours as people who buy alcohol from our bars may now not want to if they cannot drink it at their cars. We may have to look at reducing our prices so that they are encouraged to come in and drink at the bar.

‘I do not know of anywhere in this country or even overseas where you can find the same atmosphere you find here at Kings Park. But recent incidents, by a minority, have spoilt it and the police now have to act, and rightly so.’


  1. What’s it got to do with Smit? Didn’t the report say it was the cops who were enforcing existing legislation?

    The Sharks, or Brian van Zyl, gets nailed for “doing nothing” and now you guys are setting them up for doing something.


    1. All I said is that this is what awaits the new CEO … Nowhere did I say it was his idea or implementation … I was inferring, however, that it is not going to be all beer and skittles for the new CEO (no pun intended)

  2. i think it is all a bit much and the sharks need to maintain their history and hand down bans for unruly behaviour before, during or after games. the atmosphere after the games (altho i have only been to the shark tank once) is generally peaceful and fun. the shark tank needed to have a proper security presence and their should be a police presence around the perimeter and then this terrible tragedy would never have been allowed to get to the fatal point or even start… bans should be dished out but more importantly policed and named and shamed in the local papers… still sickened and saddened by the event and the fact that nobody stepped in to stop it

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