SABC drives 4N TV numbers

A look at the TV numbers for the first 4 rounds of the all new 4 nations including Argentina, the first of which, SA vs Argentina at Newlands, was shown on SABC later that evening:

Below a look at the racial breakdown of the first SA vs Argentina game at Newlands, the outside circle representing SABC, and the inner circle showing the SuperSport audience makeup …

All numbers courtesy of RepucomSA


  1. South Africa still drives the viewership numbers by a long margin! South African channels on their own contribute nearly 60% of total viewing numbers. SARU must seriously try and renegotiate the revenue split!

    Funny to also note the decline in average viewers for the Springbok games. It looks to go hand in hand with the decline in confidence over the boks’s ability to win / or at least give a good performance. I think if you look at golf club figures there might be a increase in players coinciding with the decrease in rugby viewers.

    Tank, do you know how they calculate the racial demographics of viewers?

    1. Definitely… the best thing for development of the game is at least getting the game to the people. If a 10 year old kid never gets to see the springboks play, then how is he going to be passionate about the game?

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