Join the Grunt Megapool, Bru

A mere three more sleeps until the greatest show on earth gets going in New Zealand! And rom Saturday there will be no more waking up at 03h45 and not knowing what to do!

Tip toeing round the house, strong coffee, Ouma rusks, a little Top Deck choccie, the dogs on the couch, and World Cup Rugby on the telly! Does it actually get any better than that?

I know most of you are fellow SuperBru nuts, and are already playing in your allocated 5 pools, but just in case you have one left, please join us in the Front Row Grunt Megapool.

The best predictors of the week get featured here on the Grunt and on my @TankLanning Twitter account, while the overall winner chooses his favourite FRG logo from the two below, to go onto a t-shirt that will be delivered to your door …

For those not aware of SuperBru, it is an online results prediction game where players gain points by correctly predicting the result and score or margin of victory in rugby matches. It’s free, fun and simple, and anyone is welcome to join.

CLICK HERE to start playing