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Should Test rugby have extra time?

After the Boks and Australia played to a dissatisfying draw in Bloemfontein, the All Out Rugby team debates whether locked Test matches should be decided during an extra-time period.

Tank Lanning – No

Do we not already have too much rugby thrown at us? And now you want to add to the deluge?! Not for me, thanks…

Some wise arse once likened the hard-fought draw to kissing one’s sister, obviously meant in a derogatory way. Well I happen to love my sister very much, and while palpably different to kissing one’s wife or girlfriend, a peck on the cheek followed by a long heartfelt hug from my sister is just as, or perhaps more, meaningful.

A draw is palpably different to a win, but just as meaningful!

Let’s feed the SuperBru-infused, attention-span challenged amongst us with extra time for tournament playoff matches – matches that determine where a trophy will be housed.

But outside of those matches, let’s not fall into the trap of doing away with all traditions just because the sport has gone professional.

All but gone are the traditional tours, post-match beers with the opposition, provincial (let alone national) players playing for a club, and props arriving at pre-season with a belly the size of a Weber.

Take not away the Test match draw as well!

At its heart, rugby is a fierce contest between two sides made up of variously-sized human beings. At its best, it’s between two evenly-matched sides going hammer and tongs for the full 80 minutes. Both sides play to win, but if neither side can do enough to get the win, then a draw is a fair and reasonable outcome!

Respect and treasure it as one of the three possible Test match outcomes.

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