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Lions vs Kings aint no friendly

Lions skipper JC Janse van Rensburg is keen to play down the significance of the “Friendly” between the Lions and Kings this weekend, but not even he can really be buying that …

The Kings playing Super Rugby at the expense of the Lions after a protracted and ugly process, the Kings meant to be developing the region yet bringing in as many foreigners as they can given the single year deal, the Lions having to play strange festival games against the likes of Russia while sponsors and players scatter …

Call this game a friendly only when your coffee is cold and you are making chainsaw like noises in your rocking chair … This will be a grudge match of note …

Yet Janse van Rensburg was at pains to tone down the pre-match banter when talking to Brenden Nel of SuperSport

“Everybody is making a big thing about the Kings game, but for us it’s important to stay focused on what we want to do. There is a certain type of game plan we want to achieve. It is an important game for us which we want to win, but the real important game is actually the promotion-relegation game against whoever we play,” Janse van Rensburg said.

“There’s a lot of hard work on Monday. It is a big game and I’m sure coach will pick his strongest team, but we have to go back and work hard to enforce the game plan we want to play.

“We want to try and give these players experience, so that if it comes down to the promotion-relegation game, we have a good squad in good nick that we don’t necessarily have to rely on those players.”

Of course the focus should be on building up to the July promotion-relegation clash, but a dusting of the Kings on Saturday would build proper confidence, and make the humble pie handout beers taste pretty sweet.

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  1. JC, just beat these back stabbers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!